Fake Paytm website promises cashback worth Rs 2,647 Beware Paytm users!

Fake Paytm website promises cashback

Don’t fall for this fake Paytm website, it is a new cashback scam fake Paytm website promises cashback of Rs 2,647 to users

Digital payment platforms have taken center stage as customers continue to shop from the comfort of their own homes. Online fraud and cyber attacks are increasing in tandem with the growth of online payments.

Paytm, one of India’s most popular digital payment services, has a history of such scams. Users have been warned about such schemes by the firm and its CEO, Vijay Shekhar Sharma. In the most recent of these scams, a bogus Paytm website promises visitors Rs 2,647 in cashback.

Fake Paytm website promises cashback worth Rs 2,647 Beware Paytm users!

The new cyber-attack on users completely unversed with phishing sites comes in the form of a notification reading, “Congratulations! You have won Paytm Scratch Card,” which redirects users to a site called paytm-cashoffer.com.

The report further stated that the notification read, “Congratulations! you have won Paytm Scratch Card.” After the user clicks on the notification, they are directed to the website paytm-cashoffer[dot]com which is a fake website made to trick users by having a similar design and pattern to that of the official Paytm website.

Therefore, it is advisable for users to avoid visiting such fraudulent websites. That said, the website showed that a new fraudulent amount of Rs 2,647 appears every time one refreshes the page.Fake Paytm website promises cashback

This link only works on a smartphone, not a computer. In terms of appearance and layout, this site is virtually comparable to the actual Paytm website, making it difficult for unwary customers to recognize that they have been duped.

The fraudulent scheme informs the user that they have got a cashback worth Rs 2,647 and the site then asks them to send it to their Paytm account. Following this, the user is redirected to the original Paytm app wherein they are asked to pay the same amount.

Here’s how users can report cyber frauds on Paytm

  • Open the Paytm app on your smartphone
  • Click on the ’24×7 Help and Support’ option
  • Select the ‘Report Fraud Transactions’ option from ‘Choose a service to begin’ section
  • Select an issue (Fraud transaction on Paytm wallet, Fraud on Paytm debit card, Report a phishing site or link, etc.)
  • Share details so that authorities at Paytm can take the desired action

Fake Paytm website promises cashback

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